Ecotricity Wind Turbines

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May 202014

Whilst it is hoped that, following the refusal by PKC to allow the weather
monitoring mast, Ecotricity will walk away and leave us alone we cannot afford
to lower our guard.

With this in mind I would ask that you take the time to complete a very
short survey by PKC regarding landscape assessment. Please read the
information below from PKC and take the survey. The relevant grid for us
is grid square 58.

Subject: Local Landscape Designations Review – On-line questionnaire

We are carrying out an assessment of landscapes in Perth & Kinross to
identify those which justify local designation. The work is being carried
out by landscape specialists LUC and STAR Development Group.

To help with this process, we would like to find out about your favourite
landscapes and places. These may be hills, straths or glens close to your
home or further afield, the kinds of places you might choose to take a
friend visiting the area. They may be more hidden, special places or,
alternatively, landscapes that are important in your everyday life. Please
complete the online survey at The survey
will be open until 6 June 2014. You can find out more or download a pdf
version of the survey by going to the Council web site

Information you give us about your favourite landscapes and places will
inform a technical appraisal which is also being carried out, using an
approach developed by Scottish Natural Heritage and Historic Scotland.

Please feel free to forward this email on to others who might also be
interested in taking part.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important study.

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Sep 062013
Dear All


Many of you will have received today a copy of the decision by P &K to reject the plan for a met mast at Newmiln. According to my ongoing discussions with planning officials the decision was critically influenced by the dangers to aircraft using the new airstrip at Bachilton but there is no doubt that a strong contributory factor was the powerful lobby from all of us and our many friends in GASPS.

Of course there is an appeal procedure which if  Ecotricity decides to activate would be considered by local councilors. I think it is more than wishful thinking on my part that it is likely that the developers will cut their losses – if a met mast is rejected what chance 4 turbines?

So where now for GASPS? Many of you will know that Helena and I have sold our house at Newmiln and moved to London to be near to our family so it seems an appropriate time for me to stand down as Chairman of GASPS. I think it is wise to leave the GASPS body in place at least until we are clear that no appeal is made or, if so, rejected. Also we never know what other landowners might make similar applications so there is no harm in leaving it quietly in place.

So can I end by saying a big thankyou to all who put in so much work to distribute leaflets, attend meetings, write objections and march in protest. My only disappointment is that I made so many new friends at the end of our 27 years in the community and it is with genuine sadness that we say au revoir.


Best wishes

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Sep 052013

I am pleased to be able to post that the Council have decided to refuse the application for the erection of the meteorological monitoring mast without which the planning for the Turbines themselves cannot go ahead.

Whilst we can all give ourselves a small pat on the back and perhaps a wee dram in celebration I am sure that Ecotricity will not go away and were no doubt ready for this decision.

We await their response and will continue to fight it with the strength and commitment that has been evident to date.

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May 272013


The Gask and Strathearn Protection Society (GASPS) has sent this letter to the Perth & Kinross Town & Country Planning Local Review Body, made up of Councillors that can be asked to review a recent planning decision. In this case the decision is to refuse the application for a wind turbine at Roundlaw Farm on Gask Ridge. Brian Simpson, GASPS Chairman, urges that the refusal is sustained, condemns “lowland creep” of turbines and condemns the unfair planning process. “Communities must endure years of contest, uncertainty and cost, whereas the developers have complete control of the process and a bottomless pit of money to pay for consultants, private planning experts and the whole weight of the tragic wind bulldozer behind them.”

The full text of the letter is below:

Submission by the Gask and Strathearn Protection Society (GASPS) to the Perth & Kinross Town & Country Planning Local Review Body.

The Gask and Strathearn Protection Society (GASPS) supports Perth & Kinross Council’s refusal of the Roundlaw turbine application on Gask Ridge (12/02067/FLL), as recommended by their professional planning staff. GASPS recognises the skills, training and years of experience to be found in the Council’s planning officials and urges that their views, and those of the many objectors, be sustained.

Lowland creep has brought turbine proposals into the heart of rural communities and has led to unprecedented levels of objection. The Newmiln proposal (12/0615/FLL), pending decision, also on historic Gask Ridge, has generated massive protest from the entire community, as has the disputed Mull Hill application in Crieff (11/02151/FLM) which has a recommendation for refusal.

The prolonged process of application, rejection and appeal is very unfair to the communities who find these unwanted proposals in their midst. They must endure years of contest, uncertainty and cost, whereas the developers have complete control of the process and a bottomless pit of money to pay for consultants, private planning experts and the whole weight of the tragic wind bulldozer behind them.


Re: Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. The Town & Country Planning (Schemes of Delegation & Local Review Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2008. Application Ref: 12/02067/FLL – Erection of a wind turbine and associated infrastructure on land 800 metres north east of Roundlaw Farm Cottage, Trinity Gask – Mr J Roberts.
Brian Simpson, Chairman

Gask and Strathearn Protection Society


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Nov 142012

Local Twitterer  @zathras (have to be careful how to describe one who Tweets !!), Strathearn Resident and apparent web wizard has put together an excellent website that pulls together all of the publicly available data on Scottish Wind Farms.  What you have at the end of this technical genius is a simple statistical website that shows the efficiency of the wind farms along with the subsidies being paid to them.

Makes very interesting reading and can be found at

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Windfarm Protest

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Oct 042012

We need as many people as possible to join a protest at the SNP conference on Saturday 20th October.  For full details click here.

Also please don’t forget to make your objection and ask friends and family to do the same.  Details of how to object can be found here.

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Latest Press

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Oct 022012

Article from the Courier dated 2nd October 2012

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Sep 282012

“Perthshire residents have only until 19th October to register their objections to the threatened Newmiln mast and windfarm at Tibbermore” said Brian Simpson, Chairman, at a meeting of The Gask and Strathearn Protection Society (26 September 2012).  “Time is short” he said, “The developers have tried to outmanoeuvre our last massive objection so now we have to act fast and in great numbers.

“It is vital that each and every resident including those of nearby Perth, visitors, relations, and everyone who values our Perthshire countryside, register their objection on the Perth & Kinross website, by email or by letter to the planners. Remember, if this is allowed through it will be the first of many. Gask Ridge today – a field next to you tomorrow. We must all act NOW.

“The Newmiln mast and windfarm proposal will bring massive power turbines to the heart of Strathearn.  First the mast, a 90m pylon, will pierce the skyline and create major hazards particularly for our protected birds, then the four turbines, each twice the height of The Scott Memorial, will change forever the nature of our priceless countryside. I find it incredible that anyone should even think of introducing these monsters. I know some people believe that the plan is so ridiculous that it will die all on its own. I disagree. We must make sure that the planners and politicians are in no doubt about the folly of this plan, and work with us to stop it.”

Objectors should send as many objections as possible, quoting planning Ref: 12/01615/FLL,  to the Perth & Kinross website (, to the council’s email ( or by post to Perth &Kinross Council, Planning Dept, 35 Kinnoull St, Perth PH1 5DG.

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Sep 272012


26th September 2012

We need your help again. Since we were last in touch, Ecotricity have withdrawn the application for an 80 m meteorological mast and have replaced it with an application for a 90 m MAST INSTEAD! – the deadline for comments this time is Friday 12th October 2012. ALL PREVIOUS COMMENTS HAVE BEEN RENDERED VOID SO WE ALL NEED TO RESUBMIT OUR OBJECTIONS AGAIN!

To register an objection you need to act quickly. Remember, this can be a quick e-mail, an on-line comment or a short letter. If there is more than one voter at your address then please consider getting everyone to make a separate resubmission – you don’t even have to live in the area to object (the more objections received by PKC planning, the better!). Don’t forget to give your full postal address details in any e-mails or letters.

Planning ref. (which should be included in any correspondence): Ref: 12/01615/FLL

PKC e-mail address for submissions:

PKC planning application progress (also for on-line commenting):

Postal address for written comments:

Perth & Kinross Council
Planning Department
35 Kinnoull Street

We have a list of various (planning) grounds for objection: please include any of these you feel relevant, however please also make sure that you try to rephrase them in your own words, as the more unique each submission is the more likely notice will be taken of its content. Many thanks for your involvement in helping to stop these huge turbines appearing on our doorstep!

Planning Objections – key reasons for objecting are:

•The proposal is premature. The applicant has yet to prepare an Environmental Assessment for their stated aim of constructing a wind farm. This assessment may conclude that the site is unsuitable for a wind farm. Therefore the application for a met mast is premature and should be refused;

•The proposal is contrary to Policy 1 of the adopted Local Plan by virtue of the height of the structure will have an unacceptable impact on surrounding residential properties and businesses and will not accord with the existing pattern of development in the area;

•The applicant has failed to supply sufficient information on the likely impact the mast will have on surrounding established land uses and therefore should be refused;

•The applicant has failed to assess the impact the proposed structure will have on the setting of the Control Tower at Clathymore, a Listed Building. The proposal is therefore contrary to Local Plan Policy 25 and Policy ER6 of the Local Development Plan for Perth and Kinross;

•The proposal will have an adverse impact on the landscape character of the area and is therefore contrary to Policy ER6 of the Local Development Plan for Perth and Kinross;

•The proposal will not conserve and enhance the landscape quality of the area and is therefore contrary to Policy ER6 of the Local Development Plan (LDP);

•The proposal will erode the local distinctiveness and quality of the landscape character and is therefore contrary to Policy ER6 of the LDP;

•The proposal will have an adverse impact on the historic and cultural qualities of the area’s landscape and in particular the Gask Ridge and is therefore contrary to Policy ER6 of the LDP;

•The proposal would detract from the visual integrity, identity and scenic quality of the area and is therefore contrary to Policy Er6 of the LDP;

•On the basis that the Ministry of Defence will require aviation lighting to be installed on the mast in addition to deflectors on the guy ropes, the proposal will have an even greater impact on the residential and visual amenity of nearby properties;

•The required lighting of the mast will significantly reduce the “experience of the night sky” and is therefore contrary to Policy ER6 and should be refused;

•The proposal will have a significant disbenefit on nearby businesses and residential properties and is therefore contrary to Scottish Planning Policy.

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