Sep 282012

“Perthshire residents have only until 19th October to register their objections to the threatened Newmiln mast and windfarm at Tibbermore” said Brian Simpson, Chairman, at a meeting of The Gask and Strathearn Protection Society (26 September 2012).  “Time is short” he said, “The developers have tried to outmanoeuvre our last massive objection so now we have to act fast and in great numbers.

“It is vital that each and every resident including those of nearby Perth, visitors, relations, and everyone who values our Perthshire countryside, register their objection on the Perth & Kinross website, by email or by letter to the planners. Remember, if this is allowed through it will be the first of many. Gask Ridge today – a field next to you tomorrow. We must all act NOW.

“The Newmiln mast and windfarm proposal will bring massive power turbines to the heart of Strathearn.  First the mast, a 90m pylon, will pierce the skyline and create major hazards particularly for our protected birds, then the four turbines, each twice the height of The Scott Memorial, will change forever the nature of our priceless countryside. I find it incredible that anyone should even think of introducing these monsters. I know some people believe that the plan is so ridiculous that it will die all on its own. I disagree. We must make sure that the planners and politicians are in no doubt about the folly of this plan, and work with us to stop it.”

Objectors should send as many objections as possible, quoting planning Ref: 12/01615/FLL,  to the Perth & Kinross website (, to the council’s email ( or by post to Perth &Kinross Council, Planning Dept, 35 Kinnoull St, Perth PH1 5DG.

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