Sep 062013
Dear All


Many of you will have received today a copy of the decision by P &K to reject the plan for a met mast at Newmiln. According to my ongoing discussions with planning officials the decision was critically influenced by the dangers to aircraft using the new airstrip at Bachilton but there is no doubt that a strong contributory factor was the powerful lobby from all of us and our many friends in GASPS.

Of course there is an appeal procedure which if  Ecotricity decides to activate would be considered by local councilors. I think it is more than wishful thinking on my part that it is likely that the developers will cut their losses Рif a met mast is rejected what chance 4 turbines?

So where now for GASPS? Many of you will know that Helena and I have sold our house at Newmiln and moved to London to be near to our family so it seems an appropriate time for me to stand down as Chairman of GASPS. I think it is wise to leave the GASPS body in place at least until we are clear that no appeal is made or, if so, rejected. Also we never know what other landowners might make similar applications so there is no harm in leaving it quietly in place.

So can I end by saying a big thankyou to all who put in so much work to distribute leaflets, attend meetings, write objections and march in protest. My only disappointment is that I made so many new friends at the end of our 27 years in the community and it is with genuine sadness that we say au revoir.


Best wishes

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