Perth Wind Farm Protest


PROTEST AGAINST SNP WIND POLICY: Perth, Saturday 20th October

The Government is convinced the overwhelming majority of the Scottish people supports its drive for ever more turbines.

If you object to how the Scottish Government is pursuing its policy wind energy, for whatever reason,  please join people from across Scotland for the largest national protest to date.

Start: 11 am South Inch, Perth

End: Outside Perth Concert Hall when Alex Salmond is making his keynote speech at the SNP Conference

This will be a family-friendly procession, with children very welcome.

For more information,

The SNP will not confirm what day Alex Salmond is speaking at the SNP Conference at the Concert Hall in Perth. At past conferences he has made his keynote speech on the Saturday afternoon. It has now been decided, after numerous requests that a definite date be agreed, that the protest will be held on Saturday 20th October to enable those wanting to go to make the necessary travel arrangements. There is no way of knowing if Salmond will change the date he is supposed to speak so it is impossible to ensure he will be there. If he isn’t, he will still know about what the Scottish people came to Perth to say to him. 
Please try and come and encourage friends and family, who disagree with the current wind farm policy, to attend. It is important  to have as many people there as possible – including children – so this will the biggest protest regarding this issue the Scottish Government has seen. We need to tell them that we have had enough and we feel under siege from predatory wind farm developers desperate to farm the excessive subsidies on offer. They need to know that destroying the environment that we cherish is making people frustrated and angry because it would seem the relentless construction of giant turbines is impossible to stop.
With more and more evidence that
  • Wind farms have little or no CO2 savings
  • They are inefficient and uneconomic
  • There is an increase in fuel poverty
  • Industry is struggling to pay it’s energy bills
  • Tourism is under threat
  • Communities are being torn apart
  • Developers are submitting inaccurate, misleading information
  • The energy policy is in violation of the Aarhus Convention and it’s legality is being challenged
  • The job promises don’t materialise or are wiped out by losses caused by green policies (Verso Economics report)
  • Councils are under funded and have a lack of resources and manpower to cope with multiple, speculative applications  
  • People are suffering real medical problems
  • Wildlife on the ground, in the sky and the seas are under threat etc etc etc 
The list is seemingly endless. 

Your voice is the only way we can hope to halt this. Please support this initiative by independent campaigners, and join  the protest in Perth on the 20th October.

Please bring your own leaflets and placards and banners highlighting your own particular plight, or showing how you feel about the wind farm policy foisted upon us all.

It has recently been in the letters pages of the press that industrial wind farm development should be  linked to Independence. The general feeling has been that if the Scottish Government cannot be trusted with protecting it’s people in rural communities and the wider environment from speculative and greedy wind farm developers then how can it be trusted with Independence? The question of Independence seems to be the government’s top priority and interest at the moment so it may be worth reminding them that those adversely affected will probably not be voting for such a change.

The protest will take place at noon at the Concert Hall. This will enable protesters to be in place when the SNP members come in and out for lunch. If Salmond is there his speech will probably be at 3pm if past conferences are anything to go by. It would be good to have a large gathering of people outside protesting while he is speaking .
The possibility of a march is being explored. If it is feasible, it will be confirmed to you all as soon as possible and the intention will be to gather at 11am at a location to be revealed nearer the time. So arrangements to be in Perth at 11am would be advisable.

Any ideas for slogans, chants, placards, banners and stunts will be much appreciated and can be made on the Stop St Andrews University Wind Farm Facebook page under Events or in postings. You will need to ask to join the page in order to make a post.  Alternatively an email has been set up for you to use.  If you are thinking of coming to the protest on 20th, please indicate on facebook, or email war.on.wind contact details so we can get in touch directly if there are any changes to the schedule and to enable us to keep you updated of any future events. 

Only we can stop this. This is a war of their making and we have to up our game to have any chance at all of winning. Politeness and reasoned debate is dismissed by those that govern us. They are not taking us seriously.

Remember – To do nothing is worse

“A Nation of Sheep will beget a Government of Wolves.” — Edward R. Murrow

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